About Us

Born in cross, at home in the dirt. 

Our goal is to make gear perfectly designed for off-road riding. Clothes that you reach for every time you head out the door. 

LASTIG is Flemish for challenging, tough, difficult, tricky, heavy. For us, the word captures the discipline of Cyclocross.  Cross - and off-road racing in general -  are notoriously challenging to get ready for.  They are also tough on the gear you end up using.   Yet there is not a lot of clothing designed specifically for this type of riding. While racing and coaching, our founder Mike hacked his own gear. He started modifying and altering existing jackets, tights, undershirts and shoe covers to optimize them for off-road riding and racing in extreme conditions - mud, rain, snow, ice, gravel, heat, dismounts and running.  

LASTIG was started with the goal of making the perfect ziptights for World Cup racers. The first prototype was completed in 2017. In 2018 LASTIG teamed up with a boutique high performance garment manufacturer in Europe to develop the patterns for the ColdWet ZipTights, and then added the ColdWet Warm-Up Jacket. The gear designs were tested and tweaked based on feedback from elite athletes racing in Mountain bike and Cyclocross World Cups, and off-road training. The ColdWet ZipTights and the ColdWet Warm-Up Jacket were launched successfully on Kickstarter in 2019 and since then we have added our Everyday Ziptights and have more racing items in the pipeline based on racers needs.

In 2021 the LASTIG team expanded to include CPA and off-road rider and racer Amy White. Amy is instrumental behind the scenes, not only providing financial and overall management behind the scenes but you could also find her running the pressure washer at your local race.