About Us

LASTIG apparel is made to make you feel at home in the dirt. The brand was born out of the back of a car at World Cup cyclocross races, and refined on the dirt roads and trails of Ontario, Canada. With feedback from world-class offroad racing athletes, we’ve been able to make products that we love and reach for every time we head out the door. We believe you’ll love them too.

Our name: LASTIG

Lastig is Flemish for challenging, tough, difficult, tricky, heavy and it perfectly describes this brand’s pedigree being born in the brutal racing conditions of the cyclocross world cups.



Humble beginnings, great ambitions.

Prior to LASTIG , we modified our own gear for Off-road riding and trail running for years. Jackets, tights, base layers and jerseys got optimized for off-road riding and racing in extreme conditions – mud, rain, snow, ice, gravel, heat, dismounts and running.

In 2017, we founded LASTIG and started with a small portfolio of three products: the ColdWet ziptights, the ColdWet warm-up jacket, and the RaceDay skinsuit. We later added the EveryDay ziptights. These have since become the most popular warm up ziptights on the CX and XC World Cup circuit.

All of our products are designed and developed in Canada with an off-road athlete’s needs in mind.

LASTIG aims to have the right portfolio. For you, and for the environment. We believe there’s a need for products that are perfectly tailored for the type of endurance activity that you and us love.