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Race suit

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As seen in our 2019 Kickstarter Campaign!

We designed the race suit for typical cyclocross conditions, but you may find yourself using it for other training sessions offroad. It is designed for extra durability on the arms and shoulders, for bike shouldering and mud protection. Choose a wicking undershirt suited for the conditions of the day’s ride. We chose a chamois that is laser cut from a single piece of foam to reduce the chance of mud and grime getting stuck in a layered chamois pad. We suggest rinsing the chamois well after especially muddy rides to make sure there is no debris left between the pad and the short’s outer layer of lycra.

Technical Features:

  • Longer and fully openable front panel with full zipper and jersey-style waistband for easy on/off, undershirt adjustments, and stress-free peeing (for guys)

  • Extra front material makes running more comfortable and avoids unwanted exposed skin when not tucked in an extreme aerodynamic position

  • Waist gripper keeps shorts in place during mounts and remounts

  • Longer, lower, larger leg grippers for added comfort and protection

  • Seamless shoulders for smooth, snag-free transition from shoulder to arm for better bike shouldering and undershirt comfort

  • Large back pockets double as pinning areas so it’s easier to get your hands in under the fabric that also works for a magnetic pinning system. (No more pinning into the first layer of your suit.)


    What we made this for:

  • Cross Racing

  • Gravel Racing

  • MTB Marathon racing


Why you’ll love it:

  • Unrestrictive fit

  • Large storage pockets

  • Long leg coverage

  • Custom availability


What our reviewers are saying: Coming soon!
Our Race suit is being raced currently in- Canada, USA, Hungary and Japan.

If you are interested in a race suit for yourself or team- please send us a note.