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ColdWet ZipTights

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As seen in our 2019 Kickstarter brand launch!

Our ColdWet Ziptights are designed for cool- and cold weather warm-up and training sessions. They are water repellent and will keep you comfortable in cool and cold weather, in and out of mud puddles or caught in a drizzle while maintaining breathability. These Ziptights are your go-to for intensive cross-training in nasty and colder conditions. (This also means that they are not totally waterproof like rain pants.)

Technical Features:

  • High-quality water repellent Italian fabrics throughout

  • Full zipper for easy on and off at start lines, without removing shoes or getting your shorts scrunched or repositioned underneath

  • Color-coordinated to easily find and align the correct sides

  • Water- and mud-proof panels on butt and shins, made of robust, rubberized fabric that wipes and rinses easily and resists front and back tire debris

  • Higher cut on the lower back for warmth and comfort

  • Articulated knees mean better mobility for running up steep slopes and over barriers

  • Slightly shorter leg length for comfortable, low-bulk layering with socks and shoe covers

What we made them for:

  • Cold weather racing warm-ups and training sessions with wet conditions

  • To resist wet and muddy conditions

Why you'll love them:

  • Perfect for nasty weather rides- feels warm and cozy even in mud and drizzle

  • Quick and easy access to underlayers

  • Snug, supportive fit

  • 2 seconds to remove with shoes ON.


How they fit and choosing your size:

The ColdWet ZipTights are meant to be a snug overall fit with a slim and shorter cut on the lower leg.
The sizing increments are small and the tights are quite conforming. This means you can choose larger or smaller sizes as needed for hip room, leg length, etc.
If you generally wear a size M or L in men’s European race fit shorts, choose M for a very snug fit.
If you generally need more room in the hip, quad or calf, you can size up without fear of the tights being too loose.

If you would like sizing advice or a consultation, please send us an email or message us on Facebook or Instagram messenger.



What our reviewers are saying:

“Great gear, warm and comfortable”
-Kit Skarstrom

“Excellent quality, very well thought out features. Very impressed. Will see double duty in the springtime”
-Rodrigo Diaz

“These tights are awesome, they fit snug like a glove.”
Peter, London UK.