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Everyday Socks Summer

Everyday Socks Summer

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Our white sock is to support your need for some no nonsense cool breathable go-to white socks. We added the black toes to keep the toe areas stain free a little longer. 

Why we made it

We wanted something clean and simple for pro riders or the rider who just does not need a lot of logos.

What we made it for

  • warm weather riding and racing
  • logo free upper to match your kit or keep you sponsor neutral 

Why you’ll love it

  • slim fitting
  • tall fit that holds its shape
  • amazing ventilation
  • proven comfortable reinforced toe gusset 
  • white

How the Everyday Sock fits and choosing your size

The sock has a generous tall fit, the model here is wearing a S/M and has a size 39 foot. 
The fitting is in line with competitors cycling socks,
We recommend S/M for 37-43 and the L/XL for 42-47. 

95% polyamide, 3% rubber, 2% elastane


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