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Raceday Skinsuit

Raceday Skinsuit

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Our Raceday Skinsuit was developed with experience from Olympic Mountain bike and World cup Cyclocross racing. Refined from our initial skinsuit that we launched on Kickstarter a couple of years ago and now in a neutral design for your big day. There aren't a lot of things that're better than pinning a number on your favorite skinsuit come race day. 

Why we made it

We designed the Raceday skinsuit for typical Cyclocross, Gravel and XC racing conditions, but you may find yourself using it for other training sessions on and off-road.  

Main Fabric

  • 78% Polyamide
  • 22% Elastane

Technical Features

  • Longer and fully openable front panel with full zipper and jersey-style waistband for easy on/off and undershirt adjustments.
  • Extra front material makes running more comfortable and avoids unwanted exposed skin when not tucked in an extreme aerodynamic position
  • Longer, lower leg grippers for added comfort and protection and muscle support.
  • Large back pockets for storage.

What we made this for

  • Cyclocross racing
  • Gravel racing
  • MTB XC and marathon racing

Why you’ll love it

  • Unrestrictive fit
  • Large storage pockets
  • Integrated ice pocket
  • supportive leg coverage
  • neutral design

If you are interested in a race suit for your national federation - please send us a note.

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